Monday, September 14, 2009

IL Dist. Sunday School Seminar & DeKalb IL

I would like to begin by saying we are thankful for the invitation to have been a part of the IL District Sunday School Seminar teaching staff. We had a great time being with friends from all over this great district and God blessed all the sessions. Sometimes things like this are as much a shot in the arm for the instructor as they for the students, always seems like you can hear a new idea or see something from a new perspective. I believe the instructor ought to always be looking to learn as much as the student!
From there we left to go to DeKalb IL and be in Sunday Services with the Pastor Greg Davis. We had a great time and saw both adults and children praying for the first time, it's amazing how adults let their walls down in a children's service. Thankful for God's hand of protection on the road and looking forward to TX this next week!!!

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