Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cassville MO

What a great time we had in Cassville MO!!!!! It was a long revival but the church responded enthusiastically and therefore God moved in some dynamic ways. The emphasis changed throughout the week which kept it fresh, it started with youth then went to children then changed to the whole church. Once the week was over needless to say we were all tired, but the church was refreshed spiritually, excited and full of faith. We saw several first time guest and some of them were even in altar for first time praying, many were refilled and 5 brand new souls were baptized in Jesus Name! We had a great time being with our friends Pastor and Sis. Bowen and the folks at New Life Temple, a great church and leader. By the way thanks for the scrapbook, what a great way to remember all the fond memories we have of being with you all the last 10 years, thanks again!