Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Excelsior Springs MO

Once again we were with Bro. & Sis. Menendez in Excelsior and God truly blessed their services! Sunday morning we did a children's service and during the altar call we had one adult receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. That night in the evening service we just preached and God simply exploded onto the scene. The altar call lasted for over an hour and every time you thought it was over it would start back up again and while the altar call was going on we had a young person receive the Holy Ghost for the first time. It was a great weekend and a great time of refreshing for the church, looking forward to being back next year!

Center TX

I would like to begin by saying that we had a great time in Center Texas. We enjoyed very much getting to know Pastor Harris and family and also Bro. Call and family. What a great church and congregation, they really have it going on!!!!!! We were privileged to minister to both their children and adults and thank God for the touch they all received. They had a lot of brand new kids that had never even prayed before and by the end of the week they were praying, repenting and crying tears for the first time! In the Sunday evening service that we preached in we also saw a great move of God and a great altar service with one gentleman receiving the Holy Ghost for the first time. We look forward to going back next year and spending some more time in the Texas District.

Monday, September 14, 2009

IL Dist. Sunday School Seminar & DeKalb IL

I would like to begin by saying we are thankful for the invitation to have been a part of the IL District Sunday School Seminar teaching staff. We had a great time being with friends from all over this great district and God blessed all the sessions. Sometimes things like this are as much a shot in the arm for the instructor as they for the students, always seems like you can hear a new idea or see something from a new perspective. I believe the instructor ought to always be looking to learn as much as the student!
From there we left to go to DeKalb IL and be in Sunday Services with the Pastor Greg Davis. We had a great time and saw both adults and children praying for the first time, it's amazing how adults let their walls down in a children's service. Thankful for God's hand of protection on the road and looking forward to TX this next week!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Doniphan MO

Well this weekend was both a trip for ministry and visiting family. We were able to visit a lot of different relatives over the weekend which we do not get to see that often which was very nice. Also, while in town Bro. Chuck Carr had us preach their Sunday a.m. service and what a great service it was. There was a great spirit of worship from the people and a beautiful spirit of refreshing from the Lord. The altar service was also wonderful as many rejoiced in God's Amazing Grace and a husband and wife sought earnestly for the Holy Ghost. We thank God for family and friends and having the time to be with both.

Poplar Bluff MO

This weekend we were privileged to minister for Bro. Elledge, it was great getting to know them and we had a lot of laughs. Sunday morning we did a children's service for them and had one get the Holy Ghost for the first time, and everyone seemed to love being a kid for awhile. Sunday night we preached and again had a wonderful altar service, folks of ages were renewed and refreshed as God ministered to their spirits and needs alike.

Joplin & Aurora MO

Well I have a lot of catching up to do because we have been on the road a whole lot. August 21-22 we were in Section 6 doing a sectional children's revival for our friend Bro. Hubert and had a great time. They had an attendance of almost 100 kids and we had several receive the gift of the Holy Ghost for the first time and many more refilled. On Sunday we preached for Bro. Lewis and had an awesome move of God that Sunday morning. That evening we did a children's service for him and had several brand new kids in the altar praying for their very first time. It was a great weekend and to top it off we were able to spend time with fellow youth committee members and dear friends, Marty and Lindsey Lewis.