Friday, August 7, 2009


Well here we are back on the road again and having a great time. This week we have been in the New England area. We began in Central Falls, RI preaching for Pastor Chris Axton (my cousin). God moved in a great way in our service and the church was strengthened. Then we moved on to MASS to begin Jr. Camp and what can I say except WOW!!!!! The kids were an incredible group, they were awesome worshipers and ushered in God's spirit every night. Wednesday & Thursday night the campers were on their faces seeking God, in large prayer groups praying for one another for over an hour. Twenty kids came needing the Holy Ghost for the first time and 18 left with it by Thursday night. Also a little 5 yr. old girl came to visit her brother and sister on Thursday night and she received the Holy Ghost also (make that 18 campers and 1 visitor). We wrap up the this week in Chicopee Falls MASS with Bro. Cicero where we are preaching and believing God for great things.

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